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New York State Assessors' Association

Hilton Garden Inn Watertown/Thousand Islands | One Day Seminar: Exemption Administration 

Registration: 8:30 AM

​Seminar:        9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

One Day Seminar

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Continuing Education Hours / Re-Certification Credits

This course will examine the most utilized exemptions, how to correctly enter the exemption into RPS and the requirements from the NYS Comptroller's office.  Senior Citizens Exemption (RP-467) and the Agricultural Land Exemptions (RP-305).  Other exemptions such as Solar (RP-487) will be touched on briefly.                                                                                      The proper administration of property tax exemptions is one of the most important jobs of the Assessor and their staff. With constant law changes it is imperative that assessor's and their staff are current to apply exemptions fairly and legally. 

Hilton Garden Inn Watertown  

1290 Arsenal Street 

Watertown, NY 13061

Phone - (315) 788-1234

December 3, 2018


The Institute of Assessing Officers affiliated with the New York State Assessors' Association

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Enrollment is limited to the first 40 applications received.  No refunds after November 26, 2018.  Consider your reservation confirmed unless otherwise notified,  Call - Larry Quinn, IAO for additional information at (315) 331-3914  or 


The Institute of Assessing Officers will award (6) six re-certification credits to all Institute Members who attend this seminar.  Eligible Assessors and County Directors who attend will receive continuing education credit and reimbursement from ORPS, pursuant to their rules. 

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1290 Arsenal Street , Watertown, NY 

New York State Assessors' Association, Inc.


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C/O Larry Quinn, IAO

100 East Miller Street            Newark, NY 14513 

Phone (315) 331-3914             Fax (315) 331-8854

Instructor - Anne Sapienza, IAO

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November 26, 2018