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Enrollment is limited to the first 40 applications received.  No refunds after November 30, 2018.  Consider your reservation confirmed unless otherwise notified,  Call - William Purtell, IAO for additional information at (518) 688-1200 ext. 403  or eMail:

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Ethics for Assessors is being offered to help local assessing officials understand the ethical dilemmas they may encounter during the normal course of their workday.  Participants will receive information on the laws and address ethics including, Conflict of Interest of Municipal Officers and Employees, RPTL Sec. 336, Statement of Disclosure for Assessors, Freedom of Information Laws and Open Meeting Laws.  There will be real life question and answer sessions the will be explored through group discussions.  An Ethics course is required for all Assessors and County Directors that have been elected, appointed or reappointed within the last year.

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C/O William Purtell, IAO

​​Town of Glenville                18 Glenridge Road          Glenville, NY 12302

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November 30, 2018 

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The Institute of Assessing Officers will award (6) six re-certification credits to all Institute Members who attend this seminar.  Eligible Assessors and County Directors who attend will receive continuing education credit and reimbursement from ORPS, pursuant to their rules. 

$100.00 - IAO Members 

$110.00 - NYSAA Members 

$150.00 - All Others

The Institute of Assessing Officers affiliated with the New York State Assessors' Association


Instructor - Edye McCarthy, IAO

Hudson, New York   | One Day Seminar: Ethics and the Assessor 

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