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MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                   PAGE 5

It Is


​Select and Check - ONE COURSE OR TWO – 2 DAY COURSES.

COURSES (5 DAY):                                                                                     
1. __ Appraisal Principles and Procedures** -Required For Basic Certification -CAMPUS                    
2. __ Application of the Three Approaches to Value** – Required For Basic Certification -
3. __ IAO-1 Assessment Administration A to Z-
COURSES (4 DAY): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
4.  __ Advanced Applications of the Three Approaches to Value/Case Study - HOTEL
5.  __ Beginner / Intermediate Microsoft Excel & Word Training –
COURSES (3 DAY): Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
6. __ Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal – Required For Basic Certification - HOTEL        
        Monday – Tuesday – ALL COURSES AT HOTEL      Wednesday – Thursday – ALL COURSES AT HOTEL
 7.   __ Wireless Communication Site Valuation                        10. __ Retail Trends – Market Studies, Gone Dark Properties,
 8.   __ Ethical Negotiations for Assessment Cases                               Mixed Uses, IDA Issues and Historic Tax Credits  
 9.   __ Valuation of Affordable Housing                                    11. __ Ratio Studies & How Assessors Can Use Them

Featured Pages

Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal:  3 Days No Exam -  
Mass appraisal is a method to study and value a large number of properties.  It allows us to group properties in many different ways and analyze the results.  This course is the basic course prepared by the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services with input from assessors and county directors.  It has been rewritten to include new areas of emphasis and delve deeper into systematic analysis and valuation. Instructors – Anne Sapienza, IAO / Chris Banister, ORPTS.

Wireless Communication Site Valuation: 2 Days, Monday – Tuesday, No Exam –
This course is designed to review and discuss valuation and data requirements and valuation methodologies for wireless communication sites and equipment.  The course material and discussion will also include legal opinions related to the classification of cell site assets for property tax purposes.  Examples of specific sites will be used to demonstrate various components and valuation exercises.  Cost and Income Approaches to Value will be developed, including land rent capitalization and present value of lease payments techniques.  A review discussion of market trends and sale prices will also be included.  Instructor: Gary McCabe, CAE

Ethical Negotiation for Assessment Cases:  2 Days, Monday Tuesday, No Exam -                                          
This is a two day seminar where we explore the process and the techniques for negotiating a settlement for tax certiorari cases. We all negotiate almost every day of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. There are many skills and techniques that we use and are used against us every day. In this seminar we learn a process of formal and ethical negotiations, and understand the position of the players.
                  We will learn to separate the personalities from the problems, learn to use objective criteria, and identify the dirty tricks often used in negotiations.  We will engage in some case study role playing to understand the how of ethical negotiating.
                   Who should attend? Anyone with interest in how to mediate an acceptable outcome of a tax certiorari case. 
​ Instructor – John Zukowski, MAI, IAO, SRA.

Valuation of Affordable Housing:  2 Days Monday Tuesday, No Exam - 
Affordable housing has grown to comprise a substantial segment of the housing industry today and it is one of the great “buzz words” heard throughout the State. Many jurisdictions have affordable housing projects already in place and if you don’t yet, it is probably coming to you soon.  As an Assessor and Appraiser, you have the responsibility to value this type of property using industry wide acceptable methods. We will discuss those methods as well as the laws that govern the Assessment process under RPTL 581-a.
                We will follow the money trail of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, from the Government Agencies to the developers of Affordable Housing. There will be a discussion of the three approaches to value and why the income approach is preferred by the appraisal industry and required by assessors.  We will reconstruct I&E statements and discuss proper capitalization rates.  This class should be helpful and educational to all assessors and appraisers.  Instructor – Thomas Frey, FIAO, RES, AAS.

Retail Trends – Market Studies, Gone Dark Properties, Mixed Use, IDA Issues & Historic Tax Credits:       2 Days, Wednesday Thursday, No Exam -  This two day seminar is designed to bring the assessment and appraisal profession up to speed with the most recent changes and trends in commercial retail. Topics to be discussed include, market studies, national and submarket trends.
              Historic tax credits, exemptions, IDA’s topics will be brought into the mix, along with controversial valuation of gone dark retail. This seminar will top off with a case study so bring a calculator.
This seminar is for all levels of assessment and appraisal professionals, entry level to seasoned assessors and appraisers. 
 Instructor – John Zukowski, MAI, IAO, SRA.

Ratio Studies and How Assessors Can Use Them:  2 Days, Wednesday Thursday, No Exam - 
This course will include a thorough discussion of how to do a Sales Ratio Study. There will be a review of the laws governing Uniform percentage of value and the Level of Assessment as well as the relationship between LOA and the Equalization Rate process. You will learn the basic steps in a Sales Ratio Study, from the purpose and objective to the evaluation and use of the results. In today’s real estate market, you need to be knowledgeable in the way Sales Ratio Studies are performed and how to interpret the results when determining your LOA and defending your Equalization Rate. 
            We will also cover sales analysis, sampling, timing of studies, use of study results, statistical testing and assessment regressivity and progressivity.  This class will discuss a court decision where “selective reassessment” was upheld with the help of ratio studies and how it fits into RPTL 305.  We will show you how using sales ratio studies can be used to maintain assessment equity in between full reassessments. There will be a small case study to help you learn how ratio studies can be used by assessors.  Instructor – Thomas Frey, FIAO, RES, AAS.

**Text Book Required for Courses 1&2
​The Appraisal of Real Estate, 12th Edition Appraisal Institute

Scott Shedler, IAO
Chairman, Awards Committee
237 Route 59
Suffern, NY 10901
(845) 357-5100  Ext: 255

NY State Assessors' Association | Exclusive Membership Area


Advanced Applications Of The Three Approaches to Value/Case Study.  30 CE Credits - Appraisal Principles and Procedures and Application of the Three Approaches to Value.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Necessary workbooks included with the cost of the course; the exception is the textbook for the two Basic Valuation courses.  Please bring calculator to class.  HP12c or equivalent is required for both valuation courses. 

REIMBURSEMENT - Eligible Assessors and County Directors who attend will receive continuing education credit and reimbursement from ORPS pursuant to their current rules and approval by the Department of Budget.

ALL ON CAMPUS STUDENTS will be provided with a parking pass to the Cornell CC Parking Lot and a bus pass to campus.


PO Box 5586
Cortland, NY 13045
Address Correction Requested
Forwarding and Return
Postage Guaranteed

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                     PAGE 3

                             Institute of Assessing Officers

There have been many letters from those who have achieved the designation of IAO in the NYSAA Bulletin in the past few months and they are revealing.

As for me in 1986 I decided to attend IAO-1 which is a refresher of all the things we need to know in order to perform our daily tasks as an assessor.  The week long class was very interesting and I admit each evening after dinner, another attendee and me studied the information and we were well prepared for the next day in class.

After the class I stayed over to challenge the test and myself and see how well I could do.  Wow it was very comprehensive and I needed most of the 5 hours to finally put the last number down and I left feeling confident.

Sometime later I received a notice from James Howarth, IAO Executive Secretary of NYSAA and IAO that I had passed the exam, much to my relief, and to appear to be admitted into the Institute at the Fall Conference.  I was so pleased to become a professional after many years of needing something to hang on the wall indicating that I knew what I was doing in the position of Assessor.  No I really meant the Profession of Assessor.  Yes I was finally a professional and without a college degree, pretty cool.

Assessors all need some degree of professionalism in the office they hold and this designation means you have passed a comprehensive exam covering many aspects of the profession and in doing so have become a professional.

Remember one thing “Strength rejoices in the Challenge” and rise to the occasion to become an IAO.  The next opportunity is at Cornell the end of the week when the IAO test is given but first, consider the IAO-1 Course to set your mind in the right direction to take the test.

Respectfully and gratefully,

Roger E. Tibbetts, IAO
Chairman Institute of Assessing Officers

If you know of a local assessment professional who is not a member of the New York State Assessor’ Association, PLEASE forward their name and Name(s) of their municipality(ies) to: 

NYSAA Membership Committee
Maggie Alix, Chairperson
Assessor, Town of Green Island
Village Offices
20 Clinton Street
Green Island, NY 12183


NYSAA Annual Meeting
September 29 – October 3, 2018
DoubleTree By Hilton - Binghamton
Binghamton, New York

Additional Annual Meeting Information will be available in the upcoming issues of the Bulletin

Member Exclusive Links

Save the Date

            Determinations and notification of award recipients will be made at the discretion of the Awards and Recognition committee.  No public announcement will be made prior to the Annual Meeting and Fall Seminar.

Annual Waste of Time – 2018

David Briggs, FIAO, Executive Director NYSAA

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 PAGE 20                                                                       NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN

Roger Tibbetts, IAO
Chairman Institute of Assessing Officers

PAYMENT PROCEDURE - A check for the total amount due or completed voucher, ready for signature, must accompany the registration form. 

The registration form should be filled out and mailed as soon as possible – class sizes are limited.  All registration forms are expected to be submitted by July 1, 2018.  Member status as of July 1, 2018, will be used to determine the appropriate fee.

Applicants who cancel before July 1, 2018, will receive a full refund.  After July 1, 2018, there will be a cancellation fee of $75.00.

All students attending the five and four day classes and the first half-week two day courses will be expected to register at the Ramada Inn north lobby on Sunday, July 15th between 2:00 and 5:00 PM.  Classes will begin promptly at 9:00 AM Monday morning.  Commuter registration will occur on Monday morning from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. If you are attending only a second half-week course, you may register on Wednesday, July 18th between 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM in the same location.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – Included to those registered at no cost
Sunday, July 15th - A Welcome Reception and Picnic will be held at Stewart Park from 6:00 to  8:30 PM.
Wednesday, July 18th – A Cocktail Reception around the Pool at the Ramada from 5:00 to  6:30 PM.
Remember everyday there is an informal gathering pool side after class
Please RSPV for these events on the Registration Form.

All housing accommodations are your responsibility.  The Seminar headquarters will be the Ramada Inn (607) 257-3100.  Other area hotels in close proximity: Clarion (607) 257-2000, Holiday Inn (607) 272-1000 and Econo-Lodge (607) 257-1400.  Make sure you mention you are with the conference to get the best rate. We have a special rate at the Ramada Inn of $124.95 per night.  Dining facilities are available at hotels, campus dining halls, and other fine area restaurants.  Costs of meals are the responsibility of the student and are not included with tuition costs.

One credit will be awarded for each classroom hour.

Continuing education credit from the Department of State, is pending for the following courses:  12 CE Credits - Valuation of Affordable Housing, Retail Trends – Vacant Buildings, Big Box, Mixed Use, Historic Tax Credits, Ratio Studies, Ethical Negotiations for Assessment Appeals. 24 CE Credits

Welcome to   We are here to help you.



New York State Assessors’ Association, Inc.
PO Box 5586, Cortland, NY 13045 (315)-706-3424

Warren J. Wheeler, IAO .........................Tns: of Constantia, Hastings,
                                                                      Richland, Amboy, & Boylston

Rochelle A. Harris, IAO .............................................Tns. of Hamilton,
                                                                             N. Norwich & Sherburne

Scott J. Shedler, IAO ..................................................Town of Ramapo

Maggie A. Alix.................................................... Town of Green Island
Robert B. Ball, IAO..................................Tns. of Wilna, Martinsburg,
                                                          New Bremen, Dekalb
Christine Hayes.............................................Tns. of Bolton & Horicon
Jeneen Hill .......................................................................Town of Evans
James Snyder, IAO ...............................................Town of Morristown
Lloyd P. Tasch, IAO ..............................................City of White Plains

Teri L. Ross, IAO .................................................Town of Queensbury

David W. Briggs ,FIAO .....................................Town of Cortlandville

Laverne D. Tennenberg, IAO .................................Town of Riverhead

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                 PAGE 17

Appraisal Principles and Procedures:  5 Days With Exam For Basic Certification
This is an introduction course of instruction in the appraisal of real property, emphasizing legal considerations, economic principals, real estate markets and analysis. At the conclusion of this course the student will understand the basic terms, concepts and principles applicable to valuation; the appraisal process and its steps; apply the valuation process and its steps to course exercises and to “real world” situations.
(This course is a requirement for assessors seeking basic certification from ORPTS)Instructor – Warren Wheeler, IAO.

Application of the Three Approaches to Value:  5 Days With Exam For Basic Certification
This is an intermediate course of instruction that will build on assessors’ knowledge of basic appraisal procedures and the use of the three approaches to value. At the conclusion of this course the student will understand and be able to apply the three approaches to value and reconcile the three approaches to value into a final value opinion. (This course is a requirement for assessors seeking basic certification from ORPTS). Instructor – Nathan Gabbert, IAO

IAO-1 Assessment Administration from A to Z: 5 Days, Exam
This course is designed to reinforce assessment administration requirements and appraisal concepts and process for assessors.  Students will experience an intense review of legal and calendar administrative requirements for preparing assessment rolls.  You will be provided with appraisal principles and procedures, particularly as they apply to the assessment process.  Students will be expected to complete a thorough commercial appraisal problem in conjunction with the comprehensive review of the three approaches to value.  It is an excellent course for those who plan to take the IAO examination.  PLEASE NOTE:  Signing up for this course does NOT sign you up for the IAO exam.  Instructors: Cathy Conklin, FIAO & Denise Trudell, IAO.

Advanced Applications of the Three Approaches to Value: 4 Days, No Exam -
This course will review the principles and techniques used by an assessor or appraiser in the preparation of an appraisal utilizing the three approaches to value.  Advanced application of the three approaches to value will then be discussed.  A commercial property will be selected and the next four days will encompass the data collection, including a field inspection of the subject property, land valuation, a value determination by The Cost Approach To Value, The Sales Comparison Approach To Value, and the Income Approach To Value.  Finally, the value determination derived from the three approaches to value will be reconciled into a final Fair Market Value determination. Instructors: Edye McCarthy, IAO& David Briggs, FIAO.

Beginner / Intermediate Microsoft Excel & Word Training:  4 Days No Exam
The course will focus on the use of Microsoft Excel and Word products in the Assessors’ office. The Word portion of the class will focus on headers and footers, files, mail merges, graphics and working with templates.  You will also discover the ease you can create, edit, add and delete graphics.  In the Excel portion you will learn to create, move, size, and embed columns, rows, and bar and line charts. Also instruction on how to create templates, lock and unlock cells, protect worksheets and workbooks, copy and move worksheets.  You will also learn to how to create and freeze headings, manipulate clip art and various valuation applications.         Instructor – Patrick Duffy, IAO.

This award is established to recognize new ideas developed by New York State Assessors’ Association members in two categories: public information and office procedures and techniques.
Entries may be submitted in one or both categories. Public information entries will be considered for the member who has developed the most effective, original idea resulting in some improvement in the office procedures previously employed. Those entering this category should prepare a written statement outlining the new idea including the existing problem and the results achieved through adoption and implementation of the idea, and submit an exhibit illustrating application of the idea.


This award is presented to the New York State Assessors’ Association member who has contributed the most in the promotion and recruitment of new members –regular, associate and subscribing. For the purposes of the award, credit for new member recruitment is granted for the period immediately after an annual conference, and extends 60 days prior to the next annual conference.


This award is presented to the member who’s unfailing and diligent endeavors have been most effective in promoting the interest of the New York State Assessors’ Association during the 12 month period prior to July 1 of the current year.


This award is given to any organization or individual, public or private, who has provided noteworthy assistance to the cause of assessment administration in the areas of legislation and/or education, thus promoting the interests and objectives of the New York State Assessors’ Association.


 Roger E. Tibbetts, IAO, Chairman            Thomas Frey, FIAO     

 Tns of Adams, Watertown, Harrisburg          New York City         

        Nathan T. Gabbert, IAO                Dennis R. Ketcham, IAO   
            Town of Henrietta                  Tns of Montgomery, Mt Hope,


Edye B. McCarthy, IAO             Lawrence G. Quinn, IAO
Town of Greenburgh                           Town of Arcadia    

Anne M. Sapienza, IAO                   Denise J. Trudell, IAO
              Town of Stafford             Tns. of Montague, Osceola, & Salina

For All Your

Make Checks Payable To: New York State Assessors’ Association

Mail To: NYSAA, David Briggs, FIAO, Executive Director

PO Box 5586, Cortland, NY, 13045

Phone (315) 706 3424  -  Fax: (315) 410-5660


IAO Diamond Anniversary

Please join us as we commemorate and celebrate the
60th Diamond Anniversary
of the
Institute of Assessing Officers
of the
New York State Assessors’ Association.  

Special events are being planned throughout the year by the 60th Anniversary Committee,
Chaired by Tom Frey, FIAO (
Please watch for upcoming announcements on how you can  participate in helping us celebrate this milestone.

Name (First) ______________________ (Middle Initial) _____ (Last) ____________________________ (Designation) __________

Title ___________________________________________ Municipality/Company ________________________________________

Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________

 City _____________________________________________ State _______________________ Zip __________________________

Office Phone ( _____ ) _____________________ Cell Phone ( _____ ) _________________ Fax # ( _____ ) ___________________

E-mail Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________
 Please Check If

 Please complete fully and return with FULL PAYMENT or ready for signature VOUCHER to NYSAA

___  $240.00 for members of the I.A.O

___  $260.00 for members of the N.Y.S.A.A.

___  $320.00 for nonmembers of the N.Y.S.A.A

Membership Recruitment

___  $450.00 for members of the I.A.O

___  $470.00 for members of the N.Y.S.A.A.

___  $550.00 for nonmembers of the N.Y.S.A.A

___  $55.00 for nonmembers of the N.Y.S.A.A


___  $380.00 for members of the I.A.O

___  $400.00 for members of the N.Y.S.A.A.

___  $480.00 for nonmembers of the N.Y.S.A.A

To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as Assessors and who have held their office for at least nine consecutive years, serving with diligence, integrity and a quiet professional competence that has won the approbation of their peers, the municipality he or she serves and reflects credit upon the entire profession.
Recommendations for this award rest with the local county Assessors’ Associations and must be signed by both the President and Secretary of the said Association reflecting the favorable action of the county organization as a whole. It is further advised that such recommendation include supporting letters from the related municipality and the County Director of Real Property Tax Service. Recommendations may also be accepted from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.

This award, the highest afforded by the New York State Assessors’ Association, is to be awarded discriminately in recognition of those members who have served the Association with many  years of distinguished and dedicated service; members whose character, integrity and skill have reflected favorably on both the profession as a whole and the New York State Assessors’ Association in particular.

To be awarded in recognition of the member of the New York State Assessors’ Association, of less than three years, who has shown character, integrity, and skills that favorably reflects on the New York State Assessors’ Association, the professional status of the Assessor, and the assessment profession.


To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as staff and who have held their position for at least nine consecutive years, serving with diligence, integrity and professional competence that has won the appreciation of their peers and reflects credit upon the entire assessment community. 
Recommendations for this award should be made from the local County Assessors’ Associations or from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.



Help Wanted

Check out our Job Listings tab on the NYSAA website for the most up to the minute job opportunities. ( your paragraph here.

     The New York State Assessors Association would like to congratulate Tom Frey, FIAO, RES, AAS  
for obtaining a BS with the major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration
in Real Property Assessment Studies.


On April 6th, 2018 Executive Board Member Maggie Alix was awarded Albany County Democratic “Woman of Distinction: Unsung Heroes”.  This award was in recognition for her hard work and service to the voters of Albany County. Congratulations Maggie.

 PAGE 16                                                                       NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN


 PAGE 18                                                                       NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN

Member Milestones will publish important events pertaining to current and past NYSAA & IAO members.  Milestones include: New members, positions, retirements, important birthdays, members deaths, etc.  Milestones will only be successful if you, the members, participate.  Please email us your Milestones at

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                    PAGE 9

New York State Assessors’ Association, Inc.

PO Box 5586, Cortland, NY 13045
Telephone 315-706-3424 • Fax 315-410-5660 webpage:

Affiliated with the International Association of Assessing Officers and
the Institute of Assessing Officers which is chartered by the
Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.
The New York State Assessors’ Association Bulletin is published bimonthly.The I.A.O. Journal is published twice a year

- usually in January and July.
Any news or articles are welcome and should be mailed to:

• • BULLETIN • •
David W. Briggs, FIAO, Executive Director
PO Box 5586, Cortland, NY 13045

• • JOURNAL • •

Andrea Nilon, FIAO Editor, IAO Journal
PO Box 672, Pine Bush, NY 12566

Enrollment is Limited

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                 PAGE 21

New Members:           Nancy Elgueta – Assessment Clerk - Town of Monroe
                                    Tracey L. Williams – Real Property Director – Ulster County
                                    Clinton D. Meade – Assessor BOA – Town of Croghan
                                    Dianna L. Ollis – Data Collector – Steuben County
                                    Joelle West – Assessors Clerk – Town of Fort Edwards
                                    Gilbert A. Kemp – Assessor – Town of Sangerfield     
                                    John F. (Jack) Austin – Assistant Assessor, Data Collector – Town of  Wawayanda
                                    Jacqueline J. Pilny – Assessment Clerk – Town of Callicoon
                                    Heather Marino – Assessment Clerk – City of Port Jervis
                                    Kevin W. Healy – Assessor – Town of Fallsburg

Retired Membership: Edward Zehler, IAO – Former Assessor, Past President NYSAA 1986-1987

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                   PAGE 7


 PAGE 14                                                                       NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN


To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as Assessors who have made an outstanding contribution to furthered the professional status of the Assessor’s role in real property tax administration and real estate appraising.

Recommendations for this award rests with the local county Assessors’ Associations and must be signed by both the President and Secretary of the said Associations reflecting the favorable action of the specific county organization as a whole or recommendations may be accepted from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.

   To have the 2018 NYSAA Awards Banquet be a success, the Awards and Recognition Committee needs your assistance.  We, as an association, want to recognize the excellence and outstanding achievement that has been demonstrated throughout the year by our peers.  Your nominations and recommendations are critical to the success of this program.  Please take a moment to reflect upon the success of your fellow assessors and take time to nominate a candidate for one of the special award categories listed on the enclosed pages.




​(Please go to our website for a complete listing of our educational offerings)


IAO One Day Seminar…………………………….. June 25, 2018
Developing Capitalization Rates …Hampton Inn  - Middletown, NY
Instructor…………………………………….… Thomas Frey, FIAO

IAO One Day Seminar…………………………….. August 16, 2018
Advanced Data Collection …Homewood Suites - New Windsor, NY
Instructor………………………………….… Edye McCarthy, IAO

IAO One Day Seminar…………………………….. August 17, 2018
Valuation of Vacant Land ….…Vernon Downes Hotel -Vernon, NY
Instructor…………………………………….… David Briggs, F IAO

IAO One Day Seminar…………………………….. September 7, 2018
What Is Income?  ………..………..………Ramada Inn - Albany, NY
Instructor…………………………………….… Donna Komor, IAO

IAO One Day Seminar……………………………. September 12, 2018
A Practical Approach To Easements …  Hampton Inn – Middletown, NY
Instructor…………………………………….… Cathy Conklin, FIAO

IAO One Day Seminar…………………………….. October 17, 2018
Ethics And The Assessor …Greenburgh Town Hall  - Greenburgh, NY
Instructor……………………………………….… J. Todd Wiley, IAO

This award is given to the governmental entity that has developed and implemented an effective system for the dissemination of information to taxpayers concerning the assessment process. This may include, but is not limited to, public relations forums, brochures explaining assessment administration, local media programs, and development of audio-visual programs. Pertinent information must be supplied to support the nomination in the form of either an original or photocopy of the program/brochure or a copy of any audio-visual program.

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                   PAGE 11


 PAGE 8                                                                         NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                    PAGE 13

Property Tax Issues
Real Property Tax Litigation and Eminent Domain



NYSAA Executive Board Meeting ……....July 14, 2018
                                                     Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY

IAO Trustees Meeting………………...…..July 15, 2018
                                                    Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY  

NYSAA Awards Committee Meeting…….July 15, 2018
                                                     Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY

NYSAA Audit Committee Meeting…..….July 15, 2018
                                                    Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY

NYSAA Employee Committee Meeting….July 15, 2018
                                                    Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY

John Way-John Costello Fund Meeting ....July 15, 2018
                                                    Clarion Inn, Ithaca, NY

Cornell Seminar On Appraising …….. July 15-20, 2018
                                                                          Ithaca, NY

78th Annual Fall Conference ...... Sept 29 to Oct 3, 2018
                  DoubleTree Binghamton – Binghamton, NY


        2018 has once again produced a total waste of time sitting 4 hours with a roll in the Town Hall 2 hours after 6 PM so it runs 4 PM to 8 PM.  This is a waste of time because no one has visited during those annual hours in a decade.  I sit several days and a Saturday with the same result.  Granted 2018 was not an update year for me but in years past when updates were done no one visits me during these ridiculous required hours.

        In this day and age most assessors have office hours sufficient to cover this requirement except eves and Saturdays.  For this reason and many other reasons sitting with the roll has become unnecessary and a simple call for an appointment to review the new assessment should be sufficient to accommodate most taxpayers who for the most part are simply seeking information.  There is also email now which is modern approach to communicating with our office.

        In a year of a revaluation more time may be necessary but this is up to the local assessor to determine what is needed.

        I would love to see the legislation modified to reflect the actual need and it be left to the local assessor and/or town board.

        We want to serve the taxpayer and answer their questions but the time wasted especially where an assessor does multiple jurisdictions and has a full schedule keeping up with this requirement when an appointment made makes more sense.

        In my 40 years in this business I have found most recipients of a Notice of Change of Assessment call me for answers and rarely visit my office during the advertised hours.  I am lucky because I have served all of my towns from one office and sit with the roll in one location or in one case a second location on a Saturday in another County.  This way I can serve any town anytime rather than sit in one Town and not be able to work on another or answer questions for the other towns. Travel has never been an issue to date.

      My 40 years will be a total of 109 Grievance Days including this year coming up with the 4 towns served for different years and that is a lot of experience in this business.  The commitment to the profession and concern with satisfying the taxpayer they are being treated fairly and making adjustments where needed, not a giveaway but a negotiation to a fair assessment has proven to be a successful avenue for all to take.

       This is one reason I am so proud to be a member of the Institute of Assessing Officers, IAO and having the privilege of attending many instructional programs by other assessors who have the talent and knowledge to instruct in an interesting and informational way.  There is nothing like knowledge to build confidence in working with taxpayers and peers.  

New York State Assessors' Association, Inc.

 PAGE 6                                                                         NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN

 PAGE 10                                                                       NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN


All Nominations must be submitted by July 1, 2018 to:

MAY - JUNE 2018                                                                                                                   PAGE 19



Our Membership Bulletin | May - June, 2018

 PAGE 4                                                                         NYS ASSESSORS ASSOCIATION BULLETIN

This award in conferred on a local or regional assessment related agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program that is an improvement over prior programs, and is a contributing factor to equity in property taxation. The submission must include a description of the program, the date or dates when the program was implemented, the reason for the new program, a description of the effect of the new program on assessment administration, and a detailed description of the program.

This award is conferred on the organization, agency or individual, either public or private, who has been most effective in rendering significant support to the cause of assessment administration in the areas of organization and practice.

This award is designed to encourage quality coverage of assessment and property tax concerns by the media. These awards are conferred upon individuals or organizations in the news medium that have produced an original work that contributes to a better understanding of assessment administration. All works must have appeared or been broadcast within the calendar year prior to submission The title of the article, editorial, or tape transcript, if radio or television broadcast, publication the item appeared in, date, author(s) and reason for recommendation must be included with the nomination.

This award is conferred on a NYSAA County Chapter or Association that has made an outstanding contribution to the realization of the goals and objectives of the New York State Assessors’ Association. Examples of such contributions would be educational activities, research and publications, public information activities, and membership recruitment and retention. The Chapter or Association must have 100% membership for the year prior to and the year in which it is nominated.

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost half over and we are only seven weeks to this year’s Cornell Seminar On Appraising.  President Warren Wheeler, IAO and the Executive Board members have been working very hard in many areas on behalf of its members.  Just a few of these areas include:


  1. The New York State Assessors Association new website.  The membership response to our new website has been tremendous.  Most of you are now receiving emails regularly; you are able to registering and pay online for courses and soon for the Annual Conference.  Please, if you have any questions or find any “glitches” contact us.

  2. The joint NYSAA / NYS Comptroller Round Table AUDIT discussions.  To date two round table discussions have been held and a third is scheduled for June 22, 2018 at the Salina Town Hall in Liverpool, NY.  A fourth is tentatively scheduled in Western New York in the near future.  Participation has been very good and the information provided should be very helpful to Assessors moving forward.

  3. Legislative Chairperson Scott Shedler, IAO, with our Strategic Consultants and the NYSAA Legislative Committee members have been working very hard, on your behalf, tracking, providing input and positions on this years proposed legislation.  Their efforts have been successful in making the NYSAA recognized in Albany.

  4. For 2018, The Institute of Assessing Officers is offering an extensive assortment of educational opportunities.  The Cornell Seminar on Appraising offers eleven courses, three are being offered for the first time.  There are twenty one One Day Seminars scheduled for 2018 and the educational program for the Annual Conference is being finalized.  Challenge yourself and take advantage of these educational opportunities.. 
  5. The Real Property Tax Administration Committee (RPTAC), Chaired by J. Todd Wiley, IAO continues to meet with NYS Real Property Tax Directors and NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services representatives to provide input and exchange positions on assessment related issues.  With continuous changes to the STAR program and ACES (Version 5) coming in the future, this committee’s meeting with the State and County Directors is vital.  The next RPTAC meeting is on June 13, 2018 at the Clay Town Hall.

    These are just a small number of areas the NYSAA is working for you.  If you have any comments, opinions, or wish to become more involved, please feel free to contact me or any Executive Board Member. 

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JULY 16-20, 2018


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NY State Assessors' Association  Member's Area

New York State

Assessors' Association, Inc

 VOL. LXXVIII                                   May - June, 2018                             No. 3

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