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Ethical Negotiation for Assessment Cases:  2 Days, Monday Tuesday, No Exam-       
       This is a two day seminar where we explore the process and the techniques for negotiating a settlement for tax certiorari cases. We all negotiate almost every day of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. There are many skills and techniques that we use and are used against us every day. In this seminar we learn a process of formal and ethical negotiations, and understand the position of the players.
      We will learn to separate the personalities from the problems, learn to use objective criteria, and identify the dirty tricks often used in negotiations.  We will engage in some case study role playing to understand the how of ethical negotiating.
      Who should attend? Anyone with interest in how to mediate an acceptable outcome of a tax certiorari case.  Instructor – John Zukowski, MAI, IAO, SRA.

Valuation of Affordable Housing:  2 Days Monday Tuesday, No Exam- 
Affordable housing has grown to comprise a substantial segment of the housing industry today and it is one of the great “buzz words” heard throughout the State. Many jurisdictions have affordable housing projects already in place and if you don’t yet, it is probably coming to you soon.  As an Assessor and Appraiser, you have the responsibility to value this type of property using industry wide acceptable methods. We will discuss those methods as well as the laws that govern the Assessment process under RPTL 581-a.
       We will follow the money trail of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, from the Government Agencies to the developers of Affordable Housing. There will be a discussion of the three approaches to value and why the income approach is preferred by the appraisal industry and required by assessors.  We will reconstruct I&E statements and discuss proper capitalization rates.  This class should be helpful and educational to all assessors and appraisers.  Instructor – Thomas Frey, FIAO, RES, AAS.

Retail Trends – Market Studies, Gone Dark Properties, Mixed Use, IDA Issues & Historic Tax Credits:  2 Days, Wednesday Thursday, No Exam- 
This two day seminar is designed to bring the assessment and appraisal profession up to speed with the most recent changes and trends in commercial retail. Topics to be discussed include, market studies, national and submarket trends.
Historic tax credits, exemptions, IDA’s topics will be brought into the mix, along with controversial valuation of gone dark retail. This seminar will top off with a case study so bring a calculator.
This seminar is for all levels of assessment and appraisal professionals, entry level to seasoned assessors and appraisers.  Instructor – John Zukowski, MAI, IAO, SRA.

Ratio Studies and How Assessors Can Use Them: 2 Days, Wednesday Thursday, No Exam- 
This course will include a thorough discussion of how to do a Sales Ratio Study. There will be a review of the laws governing Uniform percentage of value and the Level of Assessment as well as the relationship between LOA and the Equalization Rate process. You will learn the basic steps in a Sales Ratio Study, from the purpose and objective to the evaluation and use of the results. In today’s real estate market, you need to be knowledgeable in the way Sales Ratio Studies are performed and how to interpret the results when determining your LOA and defending your Equalization Rate. 
            We will also cover sales analysis, sampling, timing of studies, use of study results, statistical testing and assessment regressivity  This class will discuss a court decision where “selective reassessment” was upheld with the help of ratio studies and how it fits into RPTL 305.  We will show you how using sales ratio studies can be used to maintain assessment equity in between full reassessments. There will be a small case study to help you learn how ratio studies can be used by assessors and progressivity.  Instructor – Thomas Frey, FIAO, RES, AAS.

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