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To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as assessors who have made an outstanding contributions and, in doing so, have furthered the professional status of the assessor’s role in real property tax administration and real estate appraising. Recommendations for this award rests with the local county Assessors’ Associations and must be signed by both the president and secretary of the said Associations reflecting the favorable action of the specific county organization as a whole or recommendations may be accepted from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.

1999     Frederick F. Martin (2014)
2002     Robert P. Killeen, Sr., IAO
2002     Josette J. Polzella, IAO (2016)
2004     Roger E. Tibbetts, IAO
2010     Erin Gratch
2013     David L. Rosebrook, IAO

2018     J. Todd Wiley, IAO


1998     Sally J. Vedder
1998     Thomas Frey, FIAO


This award is given to any organization or individual, public or private, who has provided noteworthy assistance to the cause of assessment administration in the areas of legislation and/or education, thus promoting the interests and objectives of the New York State Assessors’ Association.

1998     Joseph Taggart, FIAO
1998     Paul Maniacek, IAO
1999     Barry Flansburg
2000     Paula Sarvis
2000     Michael B. Sommer, IAO
2002     John H. McDonald
2002     Assemblyman David R. Koon
2004     Tony Cantore
2004     Robert Herz
2005     Mark Twentyman, IAO
2005     Richard Sinnott
2005     J. Craig Surprise, IAO
2006     Assemblyman Scott Stringer
2006     Senator Martin J. Golden
2006     Rebecca Marino
2010     George E. Herren, IAO, CCD
2016    Patrick J. Duffy, IAO
2016    David Roach, IAO
2016    Rebecca Speno, Esq.
2016    Debra Mullenax
2016    Warren County Assessors Assn.

2017    Cindy Baire

2017    John Spaulding

2017    Russell Sugg


This award is conferred on a local or regional assessment-related agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program that is an improvement over prior programs and is a contributing factor to equity in property taxation. The submission must include a description of the program, the date or dates when the program was implemented, the reason for the new program, a description of the effect of the new program on assessment administration, and a detailed description of the program.

2013        St. Lawrence County


This award is conferred on the organization, agency, or individual, either public or private, who has been most effective in rendering significant support to the cause of assessment administration in the areas of organization and practice.

2002     Robert C. Diener
2002     Senator William Larkin
2002     Assemblyman Paul Tonko
2004     Assemblyman Richard A. Smith
2004     Nelson Clayson
2006     Senator Betty Little
2007     Karen Moreau
2007     Thomas Lynch
2008     Paul Miller
2009    John Way-John Costello Memorial Education Fund
2009     Lorie Cleveland
2010     Jane Powers, IAO
2012     Michael J. Bernard, IAO
2012     Robert R. Harris
2013     Senator John J. Bonacic
2013     `Assemblywomen Sandra R. Galef
2014    Supervisor Ronald Nesbitt
2015    Patricia  McVee, IAO
2015    Robert Bick, AIA
2016    William H. Vargulick
2016    Stephen Harris

2017    Donna Brown

2017    Roger Pigeon

2018    Robin Johnson


This award, the highest afforded by the New York State Assessors’ Association, is to be awarded discriminately in recognition of those members who have served the Association with many years of distinguished and dedicated service: members whose character, integrity, and skill have reflected favorably on both the profession as a whole and the New York State Assessors’ Association in particular.

1999     Margaret I. Iacomini, IAO (2006)
2001     Steven Currin
2002     Andrea Nilon, IAO
2004     Thomas Frey, IAO
2011     Anne M. Sapienza, IAO
2012     Josette J. Polzella, IAO (2016)
2013     Curtis J. Schoeberl
2015    Tim Sheares, IAO
2016    Peggy Jenkins

2018    Edye McCarthy, IAO

This award is established to recognize new ideas developed by New York State Assessors’ Association members in two categories: public information and office procedures and techniques. Entries may be submitted in one or both categories. Public information entries will be considered for the member who has developed the most effective, original idea resulting in some improvement in the office procedures previously employed. Those entering this category should prepare a written statement outlining the new idea including the existing problem and the results achieved through adoption and implementation of the idea, and submit an exhibit illustrating application of the idea.

1999     Richard O'Donnell
2004     Valeria Coggins
2006     Harry Williams
2008     Ulster County Assessor's Association
2010     Mark Brown
2010     Robin Johnson
2010     Jeneen McSkimming
2010     Kandace Wittmeyer
2011     Rebecca Baker

This award is designed to encourage quality coverage of assessment and property tax concerns by the media. These awards are conferred upon individuals or organizations in the news media that have produced an original work that contributes to a better understanding of assessment administration. All works must have appeared or been broadcast within the calendar year prior to submission The title of the article, editorial, or tape transcript (if radio or television broadcast), publication the item appeared in, date, author(s), and reason for recommendation must be included with the nomination.

1998     Maggie Klien, The Pelham Weekly
1999     The Time Herald Record (Middletown)
1999     Rich Newman
1999     Judy Rife, Times Herald-Record (Middletown)
2001     Greg Clary, The Journal News
2002     Brad Heath, Binghamton Press & Sun Times (Binghamton)
2005     The Daily Gazette (Schenectady)
2006     Steven M. Sweeney, The Post-Journal (Jamestown)
2006     The Ithaca Journal (Ithaca)
2007     Christie L. Herbst, Editor, The Post-Journal (Jamestown)
2009     Chris Rowley, Shawangunk Journal (Shawangunk)
2011     Marnie Eisenstadt, The Post-Standard (Syracuse)
2014     David McKay Wilson, The Journal News (White Plains)

2018     Michelle Breidenbach, The Post-Standard (Syracuse)


This award is presented to the New York State Assessors’ Association member who has contributed the most in the promotion and recruitment of new members –regular, associate, and subscribing. For the purposes of the award, credit for new member recruitment is granted for the period immediately after an annual conference and extends 60 days prior to the next annual conference.

2002     Mathew Joseph, IAO
2002     Timothy A. Sheares, IAO

2017     Susan Briggs


This award is presented to the member whose unfailing and diligent endeavors have been most effective in promoting the interest of the New York State Assessors’ Association during the 12 month period prior to July 1 of the current year.

2003     Susan C. Otis, IAO
2007     Mathew Joseph, IAO
2012     Cathy L. Conklin, IAO
2013     Coleen A. Adamec, IAO

2017     Scott Shedler, IAO

2018     Stephen Teele, IAO


1998     Barbara Bounds
2004     Susan C. Otis, IAO
2005     J. Todd Wiley, IAO
2006     Patrick J. Duffy, IAO
2007     William D. Quick, IAO
2008     Larry Quinn, IAO
2009     Timothy Sheares, IAO
2010     Peggy Jenkins
2011      Christine Fusco
2012      Randall G. Holcomb, IAO
2012      Patricia A. Frey
2013      Denise J. Trudell, IAO
2014     Robert A. Criddle, IAO
2015     Paul Smith


This award is conferred on a NYSAA County Chapter or Association that has made an outstanding contribution to the realization of the goals and objectives of the New York State Assessors’ Association. Examples of such contributions would be educational activities, research and publications, public information activities, and membership recruitment and retention. The Chapter or Association must have 100% membership for the year prior to and the year in which it is nominated.

2004     Erie County Assessor's Association
2005     Ulster County Assessor's Association

2017     Westchester County Assessor's Association


To be awarded in recognition of the member of the New York State Assessors Association, of less than three years, who has shown character, integrity, and skills that favorably reflect on the New York State Assessors Association, the professional status of the assessor, and the assessment profession.

2017     William Purtell, IAO

2018     Christine Thurston


2001     Patricia Frey
2002     J. Todd Wiley, IAO
2002     Curtis J. Schoeberl
2004     Susan C. Otis, IAO
2005     Susan C. Otis, IAO
2006     Cathy Conklin, IAO
2007     Susan C. Otis, IAO
2010     Laverne D. Tennenberg, IAO
2013     Randall G. Holcomb, IAO

2017     Jay Franklin, IAO

​2018     Scott Shedler, IAO


This award is given to the governmental entity that has developed and implemented an effective system for the dissemination of information to taxpayers concerning the assessment process. This may include, but is not limited to, public relations forums, brochures explaining assessment administration, local media programs, and development of audio-visual programs. Pertinent information must be supplied to support the nomination in the form of either an original or photocopy of the program/brochure or a copy of any audio-visual program.

2006     Schalmont High School Advanced Placement Government Studies Department


To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as assessors and who have held their office for at least nine consecutive years, serving with diligence, integrity, and a quiet professional competence that has won the approbation of their peers and the municipality he or she serves and reflects credit upon the entire profession. Recommendations for this award rest with the local county Assessors’ Associations and must be signed by both the president and secretary of the said Association reflecting the favorable action of the county organization as a whole. It is further advised that such recommendation include supporting letters from the related municipality and the county director of Real Property Tax Service. Recommendations may also be accepted from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.

1999     Andrea Nilon, FIAO
2001     Richard H. Hubner, FIAO
2002     L. Ralph Gillard, IAO
2003     Elizabeth L. Dowd
2004     Linda Leach, IAO
2005     Anne Sapienza, IAO
2006     John Gamage, IAO (2015)
2007     Helen C. Otte
2008     Karen Bowker
2009     Terry L. Buckley
2010     Gregory W. Hild, IAO
2011     Robert K. Newell
2012      Randall G. Holcomb, IAO
2013      Stephen H. Robson, IAO
2014    Flora McCuen
2014    Christine Fusco

​2015    Cathy Conklin, FIAO
2016    Nicholas Grover
2016    Deanne Rehm, IAO

​2017    Michelle Casandra

​2018    Wayne Pickering, IAO

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To be awarded to those individual members of the NYSAA actively serving as staff and who have held their position for at least nine consecutive years, serving with diligence, integrity, and professional competence that has won the appreciation of their peers and reflects credit upon the entire assessment community. Recommendations for this award should be made from the local County Assessors’ Associations or from three or more of the nominee’s peers who are members in good standing of the NYSAA.

2005    Patricia Frey
2008    Deborah A. Eurich, IAO
2011    Ruby A. Bruce
2013    Anthony R. Popolizio, IAO
2015    Ted Bigelow

2017     Joanne Graham

2017     Tamara VanOrman

2018    Irene Kehoe

​2018    Maria Rappocio

Welcome to   We are here to help you.

An association is only as good as its members – the New York State Assessors Association is no exception. We pride ourselves on attaining personal excellence and advancing our shared occupation to a higher level of professionalism.

From time to time, there are individuals who distinguish themselves from their contemporaries. More often than not, without looking for public recognition or personal glory, these individuals exert extraordinary effort in a multitude of areas to further the goals of the New York State Assessors Association.

In an ongoing effort to insure that these individuals not go unnoticed, the Awards Committee was established to review recommendations, from any individual, knowledgeable of another individual’s contribution to the assessment profession.

In the time leading up to the Annual Meeting and Seminars, you are encouraged to keep in mind the awards available and keep an "eye out" for those individuals most deserving of the recognition that these awards afford.

The perspective recipient does not need to meet ALL of the prerequisites of the potential award. The descriptions below are guidelines established for the Awards Committee to help them choose worthy recipients. 

Lloyd Tasch, IAO, Chairman
Awards and Recognition Committee

Awards and Recognitions