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NYSAA is committed to finding significant opportunities for assessors to increase their value to their municipalities and to the field of assessment practices. The NYSAA mentoring program provides an opportunity for assessors to get together informally to discuss work-based issues as they arise. Although assessors are committed to a routine calendar, assessors are faced with challenges on a regular basis. Therefore, the relationship between the mentor and the mentee may continuously change based on the needs of either party. The overall purpose is for the mentor and the mentee to learn, share experiences, and to support one another’s professional development through varying degrees of support.

The assessment community is full of potential mentors – talented professionals who continuously work toward improving the standards of assessment practices, promote professionalism, and collect and distribute useful information.

The NYSAA Mentorship Program is a personal developmental relationship. Mentoring relationships are reciprocal; however, mentors tend to be those with greater experience. Mentorship is more than just answering questions or providing advice. It’s about learning, communication, and interaction.  The NYSAA Mentoring Program is designed to give a structured approach to matching mentors with mentees, as well as offer guidelines that will help facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Mentoring provides:
• Information –assessment practices can move quickly, get insight into your daily work life.
• Role Modeling – as a mentee, you will have someone to look up to, someone who serves as an example of the values and best practices associated with being an assessor. 
• Advice – be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and receive guidance on where to go next.
• Networking – find opportunities and meet people who can relate to your troubles and successes.

Mentee Guidelines
• NYS Certified Assessor or actively pursuing New York State certification
• Must currently be employed by a municipality or county within New York State 
• Willing to make the commitment to a one-to-one mentor-mentee relationship for up to one (1) year.

Mentor Guidelines
• New York State Certified Assessor
• Current member of the New York State Assessors Association
• Possess strong experience in the field of assessment practices
• Willing to make the commitment to a one-to-one mentor-mentee relationship for up to one (1) year.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or being mentored, please email the Mentoring Committee chairman and we will add you to the pool of participants.

For more information: 
If you have questions about the Mentoring Program, please contact the committee chairman: 

Rob Bick

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